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Welcome to Alec's Blog

When Facebook began so many years ago, I remember hoping that it would be a forum that would encourage and foster conversations about more than just funny pictures and memes, but about all things serious, important, artistic, relevant and just plain interesting.  But it didn't really turn out that way, at least not for me.  More and more it began to feel as if posts concerning deeper topics were triggers for emotional reactions and not forums for ideas to be shared. And so, I decided to start a blog. Here, I welcome all opinions and welcome anyone to share them - with one constraint: ideas can be be shared but personal attacks or rude language won't be tolerated. If someone's opinion offends you, you are free to respond with a reasoned and civil reply.  That's all the rules.  I welcome all topic suggestions, corrections, and new ideas of any kind. I'm hoping to share the interests and interesting things that pop up in my journey, and hope to learn more from all participants - and to have some fun along the way. 


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