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I was born and raised in Toronto, ON, CA and presently reside in Burlington, ON, CA.  I make my living presently as a professional musician. I hold a BA hon from York University, an MA in literature from McMaster University, have completed all but the dissertation for a PhD in philosophy at York U. I have worked as a Teaching assistant for 9 courses, and as a visiting assistant professor at Johannes Gutenberg University, in Mainz, Germany. I have also taught art history at the Academy of Design, in TO for 7 years, and have designed both in-class and online curriculum for Art History and Design Thinking.  

I am presently working on a research project that spans various fields from world philosophy and religion, the origin and evolution of consciousness, cognitive archaeology, to sacred art and ancient cultures.  And also, as an amateur artist, I'm working towards having my first public show soon, so stay tuned.


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