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My Wildest Dream

All Songs written by Alec Steinwall
Released January 27, 2022

1. I Don't Want to Know 

2. Stingray Killed the Crocodile Man 

3. My Wildest Dream 

4. Whatever it Takes 

5. What Does it Mean? 

6. Suburban Malaise 

7. Stones Inside my Shoe 

8. Don't I Deserve that Much? 

9. Broken 

10. The Beautiful Kiss 

11. I am an Idiot 

12. Gratitude 

13. Rain Song 

"My Wildest Dream" is also available for purchase on Vinyl and CD - limited supply. 

Lyrics and track credits

Waiting for Greyhounds.jpg

Waiting for Greyhounds

All Songs written by Alec Steinwall
Released February, 2023

1. Open Door

2. Baby Grow Old with Me

3. Talk Radio

4. Somewhere Between

5. Note to Myself

6. Sleep, my Darling, Sleep

7. Giving Point

8. Soul-Sucking Job

9. Warzone Lullaby

10. Thank You

11. Ghost Across the Moors

12. Waiting for Greyhounds

13. One More for the Road  

Lyrics and track credits

JLR - cover 05.jpg

Just a Little Rain

All Songs written by Alec Steinwall
Released November, 2023

1. Open to You

2. Learn to Live

3. Back to You and I

4. My Old Friend

5. Cruel, Cruel Sun

6. The Red Balloon

7. Courage My Love

8. The Thing that I Wanted

9. Because I Fell for You

10. Sing Your Songs to Me

11. If Only I

12. Just a Little Rain

13. Who's Gonna Love Me?  

Lyrics and track credits

Album Credits

I am blessed to work and record with so many talented artists, but special mention and my undying gratitude goes out to these folks, without whose skill and tireless effort I could not have completed these records.


Jono Grant


Jono has been the creative spirit, ears, and foundation of these  projects. Don't know what I would do without his guidance, musical genius and alien ears. 


Victory Drive Music Studio

 Toronto, Canada.

mark_kelso_head shot 1.jpg

Mark Kelso

Mark is a world-class drummer and percussionist whose performances have been the back-bone and inspiration on almost every one of my recordings. 

Groovy Drum Studio, 

Toronto, Canada

Dennis 02.jpg

Dennis Kwok

Orchestral Arranger/Musician

Dennis is a talented orchestrator and arranger, as well as an accomplished oboist and saxophonist.  I was overjoyed to find how creatively he added new orchestral colours, always connecting with the soul of the song.  

jack & Em.jpg

Jack & Emily Steinwall

Yup, my talented and wonderful twins - both excellent, professional musicians.  Jack plays bass and Emily plays flute on many tracks - and both sing backing vocals.  

Heather Bambrick.png
Simone Boffa 2.jpg
Maria Grigoreyva.jpg

Heather Bambrick

Simone Boffa

Maria Grigoryeva

Juno Nominee, Jazz FM 98.1 radio host, incredible singer, and just about the funnest person to record with, Heather's backing vocals are found on many of these tracks. 

From the forest of guitarists on, I was somehow drawn to hire Simone, who lives in Cremona, Italy. And what a serendipitous choice that proved to be.  Since that first song, I have turned to Simone time and again, for his beautiful, creative playing, and sensitivity. 

I also originally hired Maria (violin and viola) and her string orchestra (Natalia Nazarova - Cello, and Zoltan Renaldi (Double Bass) on, and could not believe how lucky I was to find such a talented and musically-sensitive group.  Maria and her section have become the orchestral core of my recordings. 

Additional Credits

Daniel Vaughan: In addition to his electric / acoustic guitar, mandolin and bass playing, Dan gave

creative shape to many of the songs on 'Wildest Dream'. 

Thomas Wade:  Electric and Acoustic Guitars 

Burke Carrol: Pedal Steel Guitar

Troy McClaggan: Electric / Acoustic Guitar / Mandolin

Chris Bonner: Acoustic & Electric Bass

Ernie TollarBansuri Flute

Aaron Soloman: Fiddle

Robbie Malone:  Bass

Jeff Gill - Electric Guitar

Andy Humphrey - Electric Guitar

Jack Haigh:  Acoustic Guitars

Allison Young: Saxophone

Roly Platt: Harmonica

James Holt: Electric Piano

Ayran Nicodemo: Violin

Joe Zeitlin: Cello

Andrew Chung: Viola

Ryan Garbett: French Horn

Virginia McDonald: Clarinet

Sasko Klar: Clarinet

Jack Pennifold:  Electric Guitar / Mandolin / Banjo

Matt Jasmith: Trumpet

Jean Frappier:  Trumpet

Charlotte Mcafee-Brunner: Trombone

Chris Ott: Trombone

Accordion: Antonio Guerra

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